Below you will find full details of the Privacy Policy that we have in place on the Borderline UK website, please do familiarize yourself with this Privacy Policy which is subject to change and amendments at any time.

Cookies – You will find that when you visit our website our system will place a cookie onto your computer which is done via your chosen web browser that you have chosen to visit our website via.

That cookie is only there to indentify that you have visited our website and if you wish to remove form your computer then you are free to do so.

Links – We do have links throughout this website which may lead to an internal page of this site, however if any link leads to a third party website then we have no control over the content displayed on those website and cannot therefore beheld responsible for any of the content displayed on those sites.

Each website that we do link into may have a set of terms and conditions regarding using their website and any additional services that they may be offering you and they will also have their own Privacy Policy, and with that in mind you should read through their terms and conditions and their Privacy Polices accordingly.

Third Party Websites – You will see that throughout this website we may link to a range of third party websites that we feel may be of interest to you. Those links may be simply banner links or links via banner advertisements.

Be aware though that as those third party websites are not owned and not departed by us them we cannot be held responsible for any of the information displayed or found on those websites. You should check the Privacy Polices of any third party website that you choose to visit.

Statistical Data – Our server has software attached to it that will allow us to see who is visiting our website. Whilst that software will never be able to identify you personally it will enable us to see which country you are from, what type of device and operating system you used to visit our website and also what sections and pages of this website you visited.

Storing Your Information – Any personal information that you supply us with will be stored safely and securely at all times. If you wish to be removed from our data base then please make contact with us and we will then remove you details as per your request.

Blog Comments and Posts – If you wish to actively get involved in the content displayed on his website by making posts, comments and leaving feedback on any part of this website then you may be permitted to do so. However, for you to be able to do so you will need to sign up and register as a use of this website by following the relevant links and following the onscreen instructions.

You will need to supply us with a username which will be unique to you and will allow you to post comments and feedback anonymously using that username, and you will also be required to select a password to allow you so going into this website and leave comments or feedback.

If you do decide to register as a user of this website then please pick a username that will not identify you personally, and please make sure any posts you do make are in line with our terms and conditions for using this website which are found on the sign up page of this site, failure to do so may see your posts and comments being deleted and your account cancelled.

How We Use Your Information – If you do supply us with any personal information then we are only ever going to use that information you have supplied to us for the purposes you intended it to be used for. At no time now or in the future will we every sell on our pass on you private and personal information, unless we are obliged to by law.

Newsletters – We may occasionally offer a newsletter to our website visitors, and if we do then to receive that newsletter you will need to supply us with certain pieces of your own personal information, which can and may include your name and email address.

You will be allowed to unsubscribe from that email at any time and to do so you must follow the relevant link from within the newsletter, as soon as you do then your information will be removed from our email list and once done you will not be contacted by us again.

Updating Our Privacy Policy – At some time in the future we may need to change, update or even amend this Privacy Policy and f we do then we will change this section of the website accordingly. So please do make sure you familiarize yourself with that part of our website regularly to see if we have changes or updated or Privacy Policy.

Copyright – Please be aware that all of e content you will find displayed don our website long with eh layout and any images also displayed don this website are all protected by copyright.

We therefore respectfully ask that under no circumstances do you copy any aspect of this website without first getting our permission to do so. If you wish to ask us then you will find our contact details displayed throughout this website.